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By submitting an order, clients of RealEstateHomeTours.com, agree to the following terms and conditions;


The photographer will be given access to all the areas of the property that he/she deems suitable for the purposes of obtaining pictures for the fulfillment of the tour.
The realtor and/or property owner has the right to instruct the photographer not to take pictures of areas that are private, not suitable or not in a ready state. Both parties must be in clear agreement of said request.
If neither the realtor or the owner of the property are present, the realtor will provide a lockbox, notification to concierge (if applicable) or other means to provide access to the photographer.


Realtor and/or owner of the property shall ensure the property is in a ready state for the photographer to carry on, uninterrupted with their work.
Where applicable, driveway shall be clear of vehicles and/or objects (garbage bins, recycling bins and any objects) to provide a clean presentable driveway.
Shoes, umbrellas, jackets, toys etc. Shall be placed inside closets or clear from the areas that are being photographed.
Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush etc.) shall be removed from vanities.
Keys, wallets, tissue boxes, cell phones, remotes etc. Shall be removed from visible areas.
Blankets, toys, hanging hooks from doors etc. Shall be removed for a clean look.
Realtor and/or owner of the property shall be responsible for alerting the photographer of any pets and such shall also remove the pet from the areas that are being photographed.
Ensure the area is photo ready and clean.
If the property is not “staged ready”, the agent may choose to cancel the appointment and/or reschedule.
Cancellation and/or rescheduling of existing appointments require 24 hour notice. (If the photographer arrives on site or on their way to the site and a cancellation/rescheduling occurs, a re-shoot will be required at an additional cost to cover (the photographers time and traveling expenses).
If the photographer arrives on site and the property is not suitable for pictures (unless specifically instructed in writing, phone call or e-mail to our call centre) the photographer will proceed with taking photographs of the tour.
If the realtor and/or owner of the property is not pleased with the pictures as a result of the property not being in a “staged ready” state, a re-shoot can be arranged; however, re-shooting fees will apply.

In the event the photographer does not meet our standards of quality and/or conducts him/herself in a professional manner, a re-shoot will be offered at no extra charge.
If the realtor and/or owner of the property request additional shoots be it for seasonal changes, night shoots or for any other reason, additional fees will apply.
Every effort will be made to proceed with the scheduled tour unless the weather changes drastically and/or through acts of God beyond our control, prevent the photographer from conducting the tour in a safe manner.


All images contained on RealEstateHomeTours.com site are and remain the property of RealEstateHomeTours.com.
Clients of RealEstateHomeTours.com have unlimited rights to use images pertaining to the properties they are representing for the purposes of marketing their listings.
Properties that are uploaded to our servers may be accessed by the public.
Properties may contain your name and contact information and be displayed online. (It is the responsibility of the client to notify us if there is any discrepancy pertaining the information).
Client has the right to request their tour(s) be linked to real estate portals of their choice for increased exposure.
RealEstateHomeTours.com is not responsible for the accuracy, availability, content modifications, provision of data feeds, links or uploads from 3rd party websites.
RealEstateHomeTours.com reserves the right to modify, edit or remove any photographs of the property that are not deemed suitable and/or meet our standards of quality.
The Client is responsible and encouraged to ensure their tours are accurate and contain the latest information available.
The Client is responsible to disable their tours once the property has been sold.
Online maps (ariel views of the property and nearby location) are available for the general public. The Client has the right to notify us at reht_photos@icloud.com or 416.473.2412 should they choose to have map link removed from their tours.
RealEstateHomeTours.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the map content as it is a 3rd party application.
The Client shall be granted a limited (non-exclusive right) to create a “hypertext” link to our site for any property so long as it does not portray RealEstateHomeTours.com or any of its products and services in a manner that is misrepresenting, false, derogatory, or otherwise damaging in reputation.
RealEstateHomeTours.com reserves the right to revoke the “hypertext” link at any time and without notice for any reason.
Links to social media sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc.) are offered as part of the package and as a convenience for increased exposure of the tours for the Client.
RealEstateHomeTours.com is not responsible for the accuracy, content and use of social media sites nor does it endorse any 3rd party links or advertisement contained therein. The Client may use these tools at their own risk.


Payment must be received prior to any services rendered.
Payment will be accepted through PayPal and/or Credit Card Information.
Further Payments may be charged to the same Credit Card in the event additional services are requested by the Client (beyond the original package ordered), or in the event of a no-show, no access to the premises or a re-shoot required due to a ‘Not Stage Ready’ condition.
Tours will be hosted for a maximum period of one year from the time of posting or until the property is SOLD (which ever occurs first). Additional hosting fees will be required should the Client wish to maintain the listing active beyond the year.
If the tour is canceled by the Client and notification is given prior to 24 hours from the original scheduled shoot, a re-schedule shoot may be arranged using the original payment credit and at no additional fees.
If the tour is canceled by the Client without any notification or Client provides a Cancelation request in under 24 hours, cancellation fees will apply.
Any unused credits posted to the Client’s account will be applied to the next earliest package purchased.
Unused credits by the Client will automatically expire 6 months from the date of the last transaction without any further notice.
If the Client accepts to represent a property assignment from another agent and requests the images and services be transferred from the original agent, additional fees will apply.
All packages listed on RealEstateHomeTours.com are subject to change without notice. We encourage Clients to visit our website to obtain the most up to date pricing packages.
All packages are listed in Canadian Funds unless otherwise specified. Applicable taxes in accordance with provincial and/or state laws are extra.
In the event legal action is deemed necessary to collect overdue balances, the Client agrees to reimburse RealEstateHomeTours.com for any and all expenses incurred (up to and including all legal fees)


RealEstateHomeTours.com will collect Client’s personal information that is knowingly and willingly disclosed for the purposes of conducting business.
General information will be collected on an aggregate basis as the Client or others browse through RealEstateHomeTours.com for the purposes of statistical and traffic reports for the purposes of conducting and improving business.
RealEstateHomeTours.com will use secure data encryption for all online transactions and maintain high levels of internet standards.
RealEstateHomeTours.com will not share, sell, lend or lease any Client’s personal information (i.e. E-mail addresses, phone numbers or personal details) with anyone except to the extent necessary to process transactions or provide requested services as pertaining to the nature and context of this business.
Client’s login information will be captured under ‘cookies’ while navigating through our website; so it is strongly recommended the Client logs out of their account and clears the cache when using a public computer.
Client’s personal information will be stored and processed on our computers in Canada.
RealEstateHomeTours.com may share Client’s personal information (excluding credit card or any other financial information) with Joint Venture Partners with whom there is joint marketing or advertising agreements for services such as Home Renovations, Trades, Moving etc.
Joint Venture Partners are required to maintain the same level of security and privacy as RealEstateHomeTours.com.


RealEstateHomeTours.com reserves the right to amend, modify and or change the Terms and Conditions outlined herein. Subscribers who have given us permission to keeping them informed via e-mail, will receive change notifications. Link to the Term and Conditions will be made available as a mandatory requirement to submitting each and every order; thereby giving access to the latest Terms and Conditions.
A copy of the Terms and Conditions will be provided to those Client’s who requested it via e-mail.
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